October 1, 2014

(If you see the photos on any media sites OTHER than the site

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September 30, 2014

Desired to become more internationalistic and imperalistic

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September 29, 2014

“This expo is just the next step in securing as the biggest

“This action is yet another brazen violation of Security Council resolutions and constitutes a dangerous escalation of the situation,” he said in a statement. Mr. Guterres […]
September 29, 2014

They don really control their life honestly

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September 29, 2014

That one act was described as more painful than the loss of

I was at one of these shows. The Good Old Boys made an album for Round Records produced by Jerry Garcia with Chubby Wise on fiddle […]
September 28, 2014

No doubt, the test centres in London offer good service for

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September 28, 2014

We would get on the bus and pay our fare of 3 teddy roses now

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September 28, 2014

We not talking about Snape right now

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September 27, 2014

All were from about 2500 parts (About a third of my stash at

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